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Many teenage boys struggle with depression, anxiety, and low self-confidence. Many more feel the need for a supportive and emotionally intelligent group of peers and adult men. This is partly because they lack positive adult male role models, as well as other avenues for developing emotional intelligence. Many of the boys we have worked with just need a greater sense of direction, or to develop emotional and leadership skills. A particular risk for teenage boys is substance abuse or getting involved with gangs. We aim to provide an immersive experience that provides the boys with psychological and relational tools to enhance their resilience and functioning in the world.

Our mission is simply to reach out to adolescent boys, wherever they are in their journeys: we offer support and mentorship, positive role-modelling, and safe spaces to talk about their lives. We help them to find the inner strength and insight to move forward in their lives, in particular in their journey from boyhood to manhood.

Boys to Men Youth Development South Africaā€¯ is a registered Not for Profit Company in terms of the Companies Act, 2008, with registration number 2014/027536/08

We are also a registered Public Benefit Organisation with section 18A tax-deductible status in terms of the Income Tax Act, which means that bona fide donations are tax-deductible.

PO Box 32115, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8040, South Africa info@boystomen.co.za
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