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The road to adulthood is a difficult one – fraught with a variety of issues in both internal and external worlds. The challenges of growing up, of finding one’s identity and place in the world, of dealing with depression, anger or anxiety or simply having a community with which to celebrate one’s triumphs are all issues young men face and because of these challenges, we offer a new approach and a unique vision. 

Our volunteers work to encourage and empower boys to take a look at their lives in a safe and supportive context, in order to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, offering clarity and insight. We envision a world where young boys can have a community of mentors and peers who support them, accept them and can be with them through their troubles and their successes, where they can learn to communicate with clarity and care and understand the importance of integrity and accountability. Where they might discover that power and strength come from courageously confronting one’s own experience; that they are accepted as they are and that they have a place to come to and feel safe and supported in their own process of growth.

With communities founded on courage, compassion, respect, acceptance and honesty, we have seen young men heal from great pain and have celebrated their triumphs with them, we have noted vast improvements in difficult relationships among family members and have witnessed incredible shifts in cycles of violence, addiction and numerous other challenges. 

We envision a world that is built by nurturing the best of our humanity; that comes from addressing our universal need for compassion, for community, for guidance and support through our own personal odysseys; and through this, helping to ignite the fire for life and watch it shine. 


Boys to Men Youth Development South Africaā€¯ is a registered Not for Profit Company in terms of the Companies Act, 2008, with registration number 2014/027536/08

We are also a registered Public Benefit Organisation with section 18A tax-deductible status in terms of the Income Tax Act, which means that bona fide donations are tax-deductible.

PO Box 32115, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8040, South Africa info@boystomen.co.za
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