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Our model is simple: we offer personal growth weekends for groups of boys aged 13 to 18, followed by regular group sessions for a period of six weeks. The weekends are run by an experienced team of staff of all ages, including young men from previous weekends who have decided to help share this experience with their peer group. Each weekend accommodates 10-16 boys, and we aim for a ratio of one staff member per two boys.  The weekends usually take place on a beautiful farm, or a similar site which provides opportunities for outdoor activities as part of the programme. We believe it is important for the boys to leave their day-to-day environments in order to be able to engage fully with the weekend's activities.

The weekend offers the boys a powerful, emotional intelligence-based adventure and a safe space to find the inner strength and insight to move forward in their lives, in particular in their journey from boyhood to manhood.

After the boys complete the weekend, we invite them to participate in regular group sessions over six weeks with the purpose of integrating their learnings achieved on the weekend into their daily lives.

Our programme has been running since 2007, with positive results for the boys and their communities. By empowering boys with the psychological tools and support they need to make positive and healthy choices for their lives, our weekends support their personal growth and have a positive ripple effect in the communities of the boys who participate.

Boys to Men Youth Development South Africaā€¯ is a registered Not for Profit Company in terms of the Companies Act, 2008, with registration number 2014/027536/08

We are also a registered Public Benefit Organisation with section 18A tax-deductible status in terms of the Income Tax Act, which means that bona fide donations are tax-deductible.

PO Box 32115, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8040, South Africa info@boystomen.co.za
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