What we Offer

Our model is simple: we offer personal growth weekends for groups of boys aged 13 to 18, followed by regular group sessions for a period of six weeks.

In almost every culture there exists a coming of age process which is meant to facilitate the movement of an individual towards adulthood. Youth are taught to appreciate the wonders and mysteries in the world as well as its trials and tribulations and are held in a community so that they might be prepared to thrive and flourish in the coming years. Boys to Men continues this tradition, drawing on ancient and modern wisdom to weave an experiential tapestry which challenges and supports boys along their journey.

Our weekend programmes are staffed by experienced facilitators as well as staff of all ages including young men who have attended previous weekends, electing to return and support others. The weekends are small and intimate, ensuring that personal attention is given to each and every participant.

The site used is a beautiful bio-dynamic farm in the Wellington valley, outside of the bustle of the Cape Town CBD. Bringing the boys to this special and tranquil space provides an opportunity for them to be in nature and explore, with a variety of outdoor activities taking place throughout the weekend.

Through our work we endeavour  to create a space where adolescent boys are challenged, supported and nurtured towards touching a piece of their heart and finding an inner strength, developing emotional intelligence in a healthy way. 

It is a positive, emotion centred, experiential analogue for rites of passage and provides a unique opportunity for boys to ignite a fire within themselves and get what they need in their lives, with the support of a caring community.

Following completion of their weekend, boys are invited to participate in regular follow-up group sessions taking place over six weeks to help integrate their insights and consolidate their newfound friendships. Boys are encouraged to stay involved if they wish and help build a supportive community in which young men can support one another in continuing to navigate their lives with compassion, intelligence, courage and clarity.

Boys to Men Youth Development South Africaā€¯ is a registered Not for Profit Company in terms of the Companies Act, 2008, with registration number 2014/027536/08

We are also a registered Public Benefit Organisation with section 18A tax-deductible status in terms of the Income Tax Act, which means that bona fide donations are tax-deductible.

PO Box 32115, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8040, South Africa info@boystomen.co.za
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